The Berryville Square


Historical Small Town Square

The Berryville Square is a Beautiful example of small town centers of yesteryear.

While many small town squares have become ghost towns, Berryvilles Square is alive and vibrant.

Museums, restaurants, shops, services, picnic tables, and gazebos. Come visit and spend a little time in a shining example of small town America.


Museums On The Square

Berryville Square has two exceptional museums. The world famous Saunders Museum and the Carroll County Heritage Museum, in Carroll County Historical 1880 Courthouse. You can also enjoy Pioneer Park, just a block off the Square, behind the Berryville Public Library. As well as Heritage Park

Restaurants on the Square

Hungry? There are four restaurants on the Square and one just a block off the main Square.



The Lucky Cat Curiosity Shop is right on the corner as you turn into the square. Shop for Clothing, Electronics, find treasures in the Seniors Thrift Store, books, Art supplies at the Painters Pallet.