St. George-Grand View Hotel 1910

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The Store Is Open!

Hi Everybody. I’m working on putting up this new site and opening a new store. The site will focus on The Berryville Square, the Restoration of the Grand View Hotel, our new Store the Lucky Cat Curiosity Shop, and Ozarts Center for the Arts. I have been documenting everything that has been going on, but the work of just putting the store together, as well as rehab from my recent operations, has consumed me, so I haven’t put it up on YouTube yet. I am getting close. Stay Tuned!

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I’m Looking for Tasters!

I just got my kitchen reopened and I’m going to be testing recipes for cookies, pralines, and chocolates and I need people to taste and give me feed back on the recipes. If you’re interested in eating cookies, pralines, and chocolates, please contact me at